After many years of being a vintage enthusiast and a shopaholic I decided that it would be healthier to open an online shop than turning the kitchen into a wardrobe. So, that’s how Los Féliz appeared.

Born and based in Barcelona (where you can visit and shop at our showroom) but raised everywhere, with some nostalgia of the way clothes used to be made and being certain that they just don’t fit that right anymore. Therefore I want to bring that back with the intention to build up a great closet, a mix of statement pieces and timeless looks, always expressing your free spirit through your clothes. While, at the same time we turn our backs to the “fast fashion” industry or what fashion has become in general, an abuse of our natural resources, just to mention one thing.

We offer a small collection of hand picked vintage clothes from all around the world, selected because it’s singularity and high quality: each of our items is willing to last from today until forever. Every one of our pieces is unique, comes with it’s own history, is waiting to live many adventures and to be re-loved.

Part of our collection belongs to designers pieces (with special predilection for Franco Moschino’s designs) and the rest are great “anonymous” pieces that have been artfully crafted. Those pieces make our selection timeless and exclusive, always with the intention to reflect a fun, laid back and colourful mood. What fashion and getting dressed should be about.

For me, every piece has a memory and a reason. I’ve bought them on trips on different occasions: Most of them when in Paris shopping like crazy and the rest, when travelling to the south of France, around Spain, Germany, England or L.A. I’ve kept many of those pieces for years and saying goodbye is not always easy, therefore a piece may appear as “Sold Out” for a long time. I’m sorry about that (I really am).

Our collection is constantly changing and new pieces are always being added as my obsession for hunting the best vintage goes on and on.

“The Future is Vintage” Nadia Pape.