19th Century Majorcan Skirt




Well here’s something that could be in a Museum: a stunning maxi length skirt, with tons and tons of fabric which ensure that it will fall and drape nicely. Checkered pattern in shades of beige.

This piece was made somewhere in the late 19th century in Mallorca, Spain. Used to be worn as a “Sunday” skirt to go for walks for some lady.

High waisted, flowy with a beautiful fall. Enjoy having such an unique  summer!

– Obviously this piece has no tags or labels and has been all handmade.
– Size: Best for Medium (EUR 38). BUT if you have fallen in love with it and it may be too big, since it closes with a hook or square bracket, you could easily adjust to your size moving around the hook closure.
– Measurements: 36cm waist. 117cm total length.
– No pockets. Unlined.

– No composition tag but it’s cotton.
– Made (and bought) in Majorca, Spain.
– Fabric is in perfect condition with no holes. There’s a small stain but not very visible. Taking into consideration that this piece is much older than you or I will ever be, I would say it’s in very very good condition.

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