Stop The Fashion System by Moschino Couture



Franco Moschino, always ironic, critical and unconventional. One of the many reasons why I love his work it’s because he made it in the world of luxury using means that could be called anti-luxury, anti-fashionable and anti-commercial.

… Like on out Vintage T-shirt that reads “Stop The Fashion System” in golden threat letters. Vintage, circa early ’90s.

– Label reads: “Moschino Couture”
– Marked size: Italy 42; D 38; F 38; GB 10; USA 8.
– Real size: best for Small or Medium.
– Composition: 65% Polyamide; 30% Polyester; 5% Viscose.
– Unlined.
– Bought in Spain from a private collection. May 2017.
– Perfect Vintage condition.

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