“Questa Cintura” by Moschino Couture



This Vintage Moschino leather belt with gold embroidered letters over silk with a statement on which it says “Questa Cintura Costa £150,000”;  which translates to “this belt costs 150.000 liras”, a very ironic and fun quote that represents Moschino’s work very well.

Rare, funny and special. A must have for Moschino collectors.

– 100% Authentic MOSCHINO.
– Black silk belt on the outside.
– Camel suede leather on the inside (very clean).
– Stamped inside with: MOSCHINO 40078 Redwall Made in Italy.
– Measurements: Total lenght is 89cm; width 5 cm and in total there’s 5 lines of adjustable hooks-
– Made in Italy.
– Excellent vintage condition.

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