The Endless Summer



Wondering if this might be the prettiest earrings ever made?
They start with a clam shell followed by 4 turquoise stones made out of resin, in an insane deep turquoise color, and ending with a golden fish.

So unique and more than ready to make you glow.

Please note: these earrings are a bit heavy. I’ve made sure that the clips are hard and worn them for a day around my house (I have to say that I was feeling like a Goddess while wearing them) and although they felt heavy they didn’t fall or slip. But if you wear them for dancing or partying hard, then wear at your own risk. Also if you are afraid they might fall there’s always the option to remove the clip closure but I wanted to leave that choice for whoever buys them.

– Label reads: The name of the American designer is hand signed at the back, it’s not the first piece I have from her and her designs are epic.
– Clip-on.
– 18cm total length.
– Made in Los Angeles.
– Bought in Spain from a private collection.
– Perfect condition. Flawless.

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