Tagliatelli Sunglasses



You have the opportunity to make a first impression just once. Turn heads and leave lasting impression by wearing this exquisite sunglasses by the Belgium brand “THEO”.

They date from 1996 and were called “Tagliatelli”, because of it’s golden frame representing a pasta dish.

About the brand: THEO began in 1989 when opticians Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet were tired of the generic and mainstream boring sunglasses they were offering to their customers.
Together they created THEO with the concept to design and produce eyewear that would always be aesthetically different from anything else on the market.
Today, THEO is still creating the tradition of producing memorable eyewear.
The quality is amazing. Each piece is hand crafted by artisans who meticulously inspect every item.

– Label reads: “THEO Tagliatelli”
– Composition: Acetate/Metal & titanium.
– Unfortunately I don’t have the matching case.
– Bought in Spain. May 2017 from a private collection.
– Made in Belgium.
– Perfect condition.

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